Raising Your Own Amazing Kids!

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How to Raise Amazing Kids

You ARE the Manual

My own story that is a summary of my book, “How I Raised 8 Amazing Kids in Spite of Myself”. Every time I share the story of my personal journey, parents are inspired and encouraged. This presentation is designed to enlighten parents to the powerful influence they have on their children and how to maximize it for good.
How many times have you said, "I wish my kids came with a manual!"  What if they did and what if YOU are the manual?  Every parent and every child are different in so many ways, there is no cookie-cutter method for raising children.  But you, the parent, have the keys to your child's success within you.  Let me show you how to know what your child needs that only you can give them. 

The Power of Words

Heart-to-Heart or Head-to-Head

Words are powerful and when spoken by a parent to a child, there is nothing more powerful!  Words have the power to shape character, change behavior and even define a child's destiny.  If parents only knew the power their words have, they would use them and choose them carefully and purposefully.  Learn how to use your words effectively for the good of your children.
Which one best describes the relationship you have with your child?  Too often parenting feels like a battle.  But our kids need to know we are on their side.  All the tips and techniques to engage your child's cooperation will only be as effective as your relationship with them.  I will show you how to connect with your child at the heart level very easily.
Book Amy to Speak to your group
!If I can do it, so can you
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Married and divorced 3 times; no college education; no career to speak of - I've been homeless, had countless jobs, and moved over 15 times in 30 years.
Yet I was able to raise 8 children who exceeded anything I ever accomplished. 
It doesn't take money, education or even much time. If I can do it, you can too!